Gifts for the Motorcycle Enthusiast in Your Life

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When you want to find the perfect gift, it can be hard to know where to start. If you are shopping for a motorcycle enthusiast, then your work is already done for you. Simply read the following guide to find the perfect present! We rounded up a range of ideas that can work for everyone, from the newest rider to the oldest veteran. Remember you can stop by Redwood Harley-Davidson® in Eureka, California, for more suggestions or help shopping.

Improve Their Ride
If motorcycle riding is the love of their life, that’s a great place to start with gift ideas. You’ll be getting them something you know they’ll get use out of. Each time they hop aboard their motorcycle, they’ll use your gift and think of you.

Get Them Gear
It takes a large amount of gear to safely and comfortably ride a motorcycle. See if there’s something they’ve been missing and can use. For example, many riders need a pair of waterproof riding gloves. They help keep hands warm and dry, which helps steer and manipulate the bike’s controls in bad weather. Sure, it takes some of the surprise out to ask for specifics on gear. But it ensures that you’ll get the right item for their needs.

Keep Them Healthy
Riding motorcycles is a form of physical exercise. Just like with other workouts, riders need to stay hydrated. A common resource is a hands-free hydration pack. This is versatile and can be used for motorcycle riding, hiking, camping, even just a long car ride. Riding motorcycles is dehydrating and they’ll appreciate a convenient way to stay hydrated.

Keep Them Safe
You can also focus on items that make their riding safe (and, as their loved one, of course you want that most of all). Get a cell phone mount for them to secure their navigation in a less distracting way. Put together a tool repair kit so they can address minor maintenance issues and get home safe. Give them a first aid kit so they can handle minor medical emergencies with ease.

Showcase Their Motorcycle Love
Not all motorcycle gifts need to relate to the ride itself. Some enthusiasts enjoy showcasing their motorcycle love by decorating their house. Get motorcycle-themed art to hang on the wall. You can even use an actual picture of them riding their motorcycle and get it printed in a large, quality print. Find a branded doormat so that from the moment people come over, they see the love of biking. Hunt down throw pillows or blankets with a motorcycle-themed pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Expand Their Motorcycle Knowledge
What rider doesn’t want to learn more about their passion? Stop by your local bookstore to pick up some compelling books. These could be a history of the biking world, upgrade guides, famous motorists or whatever may interest your loved one. You can also look into magazine subscriptions for a gift that keeps giving every month.

Invest in Their World
Many riders make payment plans on their motorcycle, upgrades, accessories, or other purchases that can have high initial pricing. This takes some investigative work, but you can track down their bill at their local dealership. Then make a payment or two to help get them closer to owning it outright. It’s a great logistical gift, but also a sentimental one as you are investing in their motorcycle life directly!

We hope you found our suggestions helpful! Remember, you can always stop by Redwood Harley-Davidson® for more ideas or to shop around. We love guiding people to the perfect gift for their loved one. We’re located in Eureka, serving Ukiah and Redding, California, as well as Medford, Oregon.

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