Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Suspension

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A motorcycle suspension system is much like your immune system – you don’t notice how important it is until it stops working! Suspension works to keep your Harley motorcycle riding smooth. If you’ve ever wondered how this system works, keep reading! We put together a guide detailing how motorcycle suspension works below. If your motorcycle suspension needs some tweaking, visit the service department at Redwood Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those in Eureka and Redding, California.

Components of a Harley Motorcycle Suspension System
A Harley suspension system is too developed and complex to fully discuss in an article. But the basics are straightforward. Typically, you will see separate suspension systems for each wheel.

With the front wheel on your Harley motorcycle, you will find a telescoping fork design. The shocks will be absorbed in a metal coil inside a tube (known as the damper). Within the damper, you’ll see a small orifice containing a plug. Low-viscosity oil goes into the damper. While the oil enters, the plug reduces vibrations. Bumpers help keep your suspension from bottoming out. These parts all work together to keep your ride smooth.

The back wheel on a Harley motorcycle uses a coil over system. Its goal is to absorb the shocks so you don’t feel them. Some riders choose to tweak their Harley motorcycle by hooking it to a reservoir. This will improve the suspension.

How Suspension Affects Your Motorcycle Performance
Motorcycle suspension can fall into one of three categories: just right, too loose, or too tight. Suspension that’s too loose creates too much up and down motion. Suspension that’s too tight fails to absorb road bumps, which makes for a jerky ride. Both options are more than annoying – they can hurt your body. Each spastic bump can lead to sore muscles, aching joints, and cricks in your neck.

When your Harley motorcycle suspension is set just right, it’s able to properly do its job. It tackles two problems. First, how do you make a smooth ride when you travel on an uneven surface? The suspension system works to balance out the bumps and jerks of the road so you don’t feel them. Second, how do you maximize your tire’s time on the road when traversing an uneven surface? Your suspension helps keep your Harley motorcycle tires on the ground, which assists with your riding experience. The more front tires touch the ground, the easier it is to steer. The more back tires touch the ground, the more traction you’ll get.

Many people ride their suspension without any adjustments. But some simple tweaks can boost its performance. Larger and taller riders can focus on higher suspension. Smaller and shorter riders an opt for looser suspension. A Harley dealer, such as Redwood Harley-Davidson®, can fix this right up for you.

Harley® Suspension Systems
Harley motorcycles are known for quality suspension systems. The company continually innovates their systems to deliver you better and better experiences. Many newer models offer the latest advancements, such as rear emulsion shocks and inverted shock designs. Enjoy a smooth ride when you hop aboard a Harley motorcycle!

Ready to experience the difference Harley suspension makes? Head over to Redwood Harley-Davidson® for a test ride today! We offer a number of new and used Harley models for sale. It’s easy to find the right model for your budget and skill level. We also offer parts replacement and service options. If your motorcycle suspension is experiencing issues, bring it over to our expert mechanics. We can get your motorcycle suspension running smoothly in no time. We proudly serve those in Eureka, Redding, and Ukiah, California as well as Medford, Oregon.

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