Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

October 1st, 2018 by

Whether you are brand new to the motorcycle lifestyle or a seasoned pro, every ride can use tips to making their trips safer. You can’t eliminate all risks, but you can reduce many of them. All it takes is the right strategies and a little proactivity to keep you safe on the road. We rounded up the top motorcycle riding safety below. For all your motorcycle needs, visit Redwood Harley-Davidson®. We are located in Eureka, California.

Pre-Ride Inspection
Motorcycles encounter their fair share of wear and tear on the road. Eventually, it catches up to them in the form of bare tread, broken brakes, and so on. It’s important to inspect your motorcycle for these issues before you hit the road. If you catch an issue, you can head to a dealership to get it fixed. If you don’t catch an issue, you can ride with peace of mind.

Ask yourself the following questions. Are your tires inflated to the proper level? Do your tires have enough tread? Do you need to top off any fluid levels?

Then you’ll want to go for a test ride. Do your brakes work fine? Is your clutch functioning smoothly? Can you turn and accelerate as normal? If everything checks out, you are ready to hit the road!

Get the Gear
Riding motorcycles requires the right gear. You need to protect yourself from the hazards of other motorists as well as the weather.

Everyone knows you need a helmet, but that alone isn’t enough. You need a properly fitting helmet that matches your head size and head shape. Make sure it has favorable crash test ratings as well.

Next, you’ll want the proper clothing. It may seem tempting to wear short-sleeve clothing on hot days, but you actually want to do the opposite. Full-length fabric shields your skin from the hot sun rays (plus it’ll offer more protection should you crash). Look for breathable fabrics in light colors to ensure you don’t get too hot while you ride. If you are riding on a cold day, make sure to wear plenty of layers to trap the heat in.

Next, you’ll want a pair of gloves. They guard your hands against cold and rain, which can make your hands slippery and make it hard to control your motorcycle. Gloves make it easy to maintain the proper grip.

Finally, you’ll want eye protection. You need to shield your eyes from kicked-up debris, the wind, and the sun. If your helmet offers a face shield, you are good to go. If not, you’ll want a pair of goggles or sunglasses.

Keep Your Focus
It takes focus to ride motorcycles safely. You need to be on high alert against obstacles, such as a motorist veering into your lane or a massive pothole.

Check with your doctor that your prescription medications won’t impair your focus or reaction times. Eat plenty of food and drink plenty of water before (and during) your ride. Take breaks to give you (and your motorcycle) a chance to rest. Do what you can to stay mentally sharp – it’ll help keep you safe.

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