Summer Riding Gear

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Is there a better time of year to ride motorcycles than the summer? The clear blue skies create a stunning backdrop as you cruise down the highway. There’s a lower chance of poor weather, such as storms or rain. Really the only downside to riding motorcycles in the summer is the inevitable heat.

No one wants to be sweltering hot as they ride. Some people think they can shed safety equipment in favor of staying cool. But you can find safety equipment that keeps you safe while keeping you from overheating, which we discuss below. For everything related to motorcycles, visit Redwood HD. You’ll find us in Eureka, California.

You know that you need a helmet to safely ride motorcycles. But you need a well-fitting helmet to get the safety protection you seek. It’s actually better to get a helmet that’s cheap (but fits well) than to get an expensive (but ill-fitting) one. Take the time to try on several helmets to get that perfect fit.

A great place to start is by determining your head size and head shape (you can find charts for these online). Use this information to inform the size of helmets you try on.

Helmets range in their sizes. While we recommend getting the helmet with the highest amount of protection, many riders prefer the half-helmet. Riding motorcycles in the heat gets hot after al! A half-helmet leaves your face partly exposed, so you can feel more of that cool breeze hitting your face. Some half-helmets even offer features such as additional ventilation or additional cooling. Wearing a helmet doesn’t have to be an annoyance in the summer with the right helmet.

Jerseys and Jackets
When the temperature rises, it’s tempting to shed layers. But those who ride motorcycles need to protect their skin even more on hot days! Long-sleeved clothing helps you do just that.

The fabric helps block some of the unrelenting sun rays from damaging your skin as you ride. Sturdy fabric also helps shield your skin in the event of a crash from scraping against the pavement.

You can look for special jackets and jerseys that’ll keep you from overheating on the road. Many pieces of clothing are designed to increase air flow. Ventilated jackets keep cold air between you and hot leather. Jackets made of mesh material help promote even more airflow. Lighter colored clothing will reflect heat (rather than absorb it like dark colored clothing does). Riding motorcycles in the heat doesn’t have to mean feeling hot and miserable the whole ride! Look for clothing made for the heat that offers the skin protection you need.

Your legs need the same skin protection as your arms! You want to guard yourself against the hot sun and in the event of a crash. Don’t throw on a pair of short – wear full-length pants.

Many riding pants offer built-in heat protection while still offering the sturdiness in case you crash. Some pants come in mesh materials to increase airflow. These tend to also be stretchy so that you can enjoy mobility as you ride. After all, you’ll be doing plenty of leaning to control your motorcycle. You don’t want to be miserable with stiff pants as you cruise around town. Focus on finding flexible clothing that’ll keep you cool.

For all your motorcycle needs, visit Redwood HD. We offer a range of new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles for sale. Schedule a test ride to get a feel for which model is perfect for you. We proudly serve those in Eureka, Redding, and Ukiah, California. Stop by today!

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