Touring Motorcycles vs Cruiser Motorcycles

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When you step onto a motorcycle dealership lot, you’ll find row upon row of motorcycles glistening in the sunlight. Most of these motorcycles fall into two categories: touring motorcycles and cruiser motorcycles. Each is created for a different method of motorcycle riding, which is helpful to understand before you pick which type you want. We made the following guide to help you discover which style is best for you. When you are ready to experience the differences in person, visit Redwood Harley-Davidson® to do a test ride. We proudly serve those in Eureka and Redding, California.

Cruiser Motorcycles
Cruiser motorcycles get their name from their purpose: to cruise down city streets at high speeds. They are a versatile machine, offering easy handling for new riders and unparalleled style for veteran enthusiasts. Anyone can enjoy the appeal of cruiser motorcycles.

Cruiser Style
One of the selling points of cruiser motorcycles is their unbeatable style. They are made to turn heads! Cruiser motorcycles borrow from the style of motorcycles built between the 1930s and the 1960s, which results in a vintage look. They offer a forward-leaning riding position, which results in giving off an air of attitude as you ride. Usually, cruisers come in striking chrome or black anodized colors. You’ll stand out when you ride one of these!

Cruiser Performance
Cruiser motorcycles bring the style, but they also bring the substance. After all, they need to be able to handle the demands of city riding. They offer easy handling so you can dart in and out of traffic. Their responsive brakes keep you safe on the highway. Their engines often exceed 1,000 ccs to give you the power you need.

Cruiser Customization
It’s no surprise that cruiser motorcycles are the most modified type of motorcycle – they are easy to customize! Their bulky frame means additions won’t stand out as an eyesore. Their frame is simple enough that customizations are manageable to install. Many riders update their cruiser to better fit their riding lifestyle. These range from boosting the motorcycle’s aesthetic to safety to comfort to power. Whatever you want to improve, you can find an upgrade to do it.

Touring Motorcycles
Touring motorcycles also get their name from their purpose: to embark on long-distance “touring” rides with ease. Here, comfort is the name of the game! It’s why many riders commute or travel on a touring motorcycle. They get to arrive at their destination free of sore muscles and aching joints.

When you ride for a longer period of time, comfort becomes more important than fashion. No one wants to suffer through a ride in discomfort (or cut their ride short because of it). Everything about the design of touring motorcycles is created with comfort in mind. Extended sitting is enjoyable on its padded seats and ergonomic design. Wind fatigue is reduced by the fairings. Mid-frame deflectors bounce the hot engine heat away from your legs. You’ll be able to ride for hours before needing to pull over to stretch your legs.

Longer rides mean more gear. If you travel overnight, you’ll need to pack along clothing, toiletries, medications, and more. Bring along everything you need with the large amount of storage options found on touring motorcycles. There’s saddlebags, top box, under the seat, and luggage rack options.

Long trips are made better with travel buddies! Many touring motorcycles are capable of handling two passengers without sacrificing performance. Take a friend along to help navigate and pass the time.

Ready to check out cruiser motorcycles and touring motorcycles in person? Visit Redwood Harley-Davidson®. We offer a range of new and used motorcycles for all budgets. We proudly serve those in Eureka, Redding, and Ukiah, California as well as Medford, Oregon.

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