Why Choose a Harley-Davidson® Cruiser

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Think of a classic American motorcycle and you’ve already summoned the image of a Harley® cruiser. They’re the definition of laid back, easy riding, with a throwback style that everyone loves and enough power to devour the meanest of streets. There’s also no better platform for customizing yours to turn it into a true dream bike.

Redwood Harley-Davidson® proudly offers a host of Harley® cruisers. They’re built strong and tough so you can ride however you want to ride. Read on for more information or head into our showroom in Eureka, California for a look at the best new and used Harley® cruisers around.

Killer Looks
Nothing beats the throwback style of a Harley® cruiser. Coming in shimmering chrome or a sinister blacked-out style, you’ll have your choice for how to show off your unbridled attitude. The classic looks are accented by a low-slung riding position with hands up on the controls. You’ll get an unbeatable, close-to-the-ground feel with a ready-for-action stance. These bikes go for appearances, leaving comfort for the touring bikes. If you want jaw-dropping style, go for a Harley® cruiser.

Power of Performance
Cruisers have no issues climbing to highway speeds and leaving lesser vehicles in the dust. Large displacement engines bring superior power and performance to the full line of Harley® cruisers. Don’t forget the soul-satisfying roar that’s part and parcel with the Harley-Davidson® experience!

All that power is tuned for low-end torque, which results in a superior cruising machine. No need to shift so often or accelerate to stay in control — just lean back and cruise up and down your town to show off your new ride. Then, when you need it, the massive V-Twin engine will unleash on-demand power with a turn of the throttle.

The Original Garage Bike
Harley® has crafted its cruisers with inspiration from the garage-built spirit that customers made popular in the mid-20th century, incorporating some design principles as well as opening up the platform for aftermarket parts and customization. Those looking for a more comfortable cruiser can easily swap out the seat or handlebars for something more ergonomic, while anyone who isn’t satisfied with performance should check out engine upgrade kits.

Maybe you want to make your ride look more personalized. In that case, throw on some colored LED lighting or add graphic designs to the finish. With customizations, you’ll be able to personalize your ride with ease.

Is a Cruiser Right for You?
So now you know more about Harley® cruisers. The question remains: is this the type of motorcycle you need? If you like being the center of attention and turning heads as you cruise down the road on your motorcycle, then the answer is yes. If you like big displacement engines that give off thunderous roars whenever you turn the throttle, then absolutely. If you’re ready for the definitive easy rider and a classic piece of Americana, then oh yeah, you need a Harley® cruiser!

There are plenty of reasons to go with a Harley® cruiser, from their power and performance, to the easy riding and customization options. No matter what kind of Harley® motorcycle you end up with, you’re sure to have a stylish, powerful bike that’ll move you toward the thrill of adventure time and time again.

For a look at some great new and used Harley® cruisers, head into Redwood Harley-Davidson® in Eureka, California, where we proudly serve Ukiah, Redding, and our neighbors in Medford, Oregon. Stop by today and let our team of courteous professionals answer all your questions and help you find the cruiser of your dreams today!

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